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Decorating your office is not a waste of time. On the contrary, doing so increases your productivity and improves your mood.

These tips for decorating your office will allow you to feel better in that space where you spend a large part of your day. Whether this is a small or large place, the most important thing is that it be orderly; in this way, your decoration will shine and inspire you.

In addition to maintaining order and cleanliness, a good decoration in which light and inspiration prevail will influence your mental and physical health. So go ahead and give your office a new look.

How decorating the office influences productivity?


Think about how it would make you feel to arrive at your office and find papers everywhere, pens on the ground, a huge old desk in a corner with no lighting that requires you to keep the bulbs on all day. Uncomfortable, right?

This has to do with the fact that clutter and inadequate decoration can have a negative influence, just as a successful one can increase your productivity and improve moods. Later we will delve into it, but something very fundamental is natural lighting.

Here are 8 tips for decorating your office that, in addition to giving your workspace a touch of elegance, will make it a little more welcoming and motivate you to work every day.

1. Light colored walls

Painting the walls of your office with light colors like white or cream makes your workspace look brighter. Although there are other tones that, according to studies, influence creativity and productivity when working.

2. Write a motivational phrase

This advice applies according to the type of work. It is very fashionable in creative offices, such as advertising agencies or offices.

If you like to take refuge in reading, choose a phrase from your favorite book that motivates you and paint it on one of the walls. You can also use adhesive vinyl. If this is not allowed in your work area, you can put a picture frame with the motivational phrase of your choice. The idea is that you read it every day and be inspired to have an excellent day.

3.Natural light source

Natural light sources have great health benefits. Studies have identified that exposure to natural light can prevent neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson's.

In fact, clinical trials on animals have shown that  this type of lighting improves cognitive functions and performance, since it has an impact on the hippocampus.

At the same time, research has shown that having natural lighting, especially in the morning hours, reduces symptoms of mental illness by stimulating serotonin production and improving vitamin D synthesis.

4. Buy a practical desk

The desktop is very important. If you like to have a large space, the ideal is that the desk is longer than it is wide; thus it will take up less space than a robust one.

On the other hand, you can optimize space if your office is small if the cabinet has vertical drawers where you can store your work items.

Another recommendation, if your office is very small, is that you can install a folding or folding desk. This way you will gain space when the working day ends, especially if your office is at home.

5. Folding chairs

This advice goes along the same lines as the previous one. Today it is possible to find several accessories that can make a folding chair very comfortable for work. At the end of the day it allows you to gain a little more space.

Another benefit of acquiring this type of chair is that you can buy a modern and colorful one that goes beyond the stereotype of the office chair. Although at this point, the most important thing is comfort.

6. Use shelves to order

The shelves are wonderful. If you have a lot of papers, folders or work items, this is the ideal option to keep order.

Prefer those that are vertical and have many divisions. This will make it easy to assign a space to each type of element and it will be faster to find them without having to shuffle everything.

7. Vertical filing cabinets

When important folders and documents need to be filed, verticals are best. These drawers save space and protect important documents very well. The best place for this type of furniture is usually the corners.

8. Give it your personal touch

The last of the tips for decorating your office is the most important. As we said, it is in this space that you spend most of your time.

Therefore, give yourself the license to customize it. Place a nice photo frame with a photo of your family or your pets. Bring your own pen holder, place a cute succulent or cactus.

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