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It can be easy and fast. The detail, the spaces and the graphic line.

In 2022, minimalism is one of the most trendy styles in Mexico. The value that is given to an element without extensive design is currently the most complicated, but you can achieve great experiences. This style of graphic design allows us to eliminate all those heavy elements to give more focus to the content we want to display. Something simpler and more concrete is sought, to reach understanding directly.

1. What is minimalism?


It refers to a particular use of space in which colors are usually neutral and small objects occupy large places. A word identified as clean, classic, or simple.

2. The minimalist feeling


The minimalist design is capable of transmitting a world full of emotions. It is the complexity of the simple. This is the most difficult thing to achieve, an art capable of removing all saturated elements, and only making known that trajectory of long and deep knowledge.

3. Tips for your application


The basic shapes, with soft and contrasting colors, highlighting the main object. Having a light image, easy to interpret and with a clear message is a plus point. Without giving up blank spaces, some of the novelties are the appearance of bright textures and colors to achieve a more forceful and contrasted result.

4. Where can minimalism be applied?

a) Graphic design 

b) Interior Design 

c) Art 

d) Architecture 

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